Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good Ship Lollipop

Mark Rothko White Center 1950
The Art- Mark Rothko's White Center became famous for marking his signature style, multiple rectangles floating against a colored background, as well as breaking records in 2007 at auction for being sold for close to 73 million dollars. Rothko's style relies heavily on the color in his paintings rather than figures to convey what Rothko perceived as basic human emotions. I believe this is why his paintings are so accessible, his extensive study and fascination with primitive art in the 1940's is evidenced in his now signature style. Rothko's paintings are modest yet meditative. The power of his paintings is in the color, and the feelings and emotions that color brings to each individual viewer. Rothko's paintings, unlike our modern day world, force us to participate in his work and have our own experience.

The Duds- This painting is very sexy to me and calming at the same time. The deep pink and the rich orange are totally balanced by the crisp white in the center. This calls for a bold color pairing. While I am definitely not one to follow trends, I am loving that this spring more designers are experimenting with color blocking and it fits perfectly with this painting. Alberta Ferretti's Casual pants are impossibly chic with their well-tailored look and perfectly relaxed fit. I would keep the top simple with a white short-sleeve turtleneck that's just a little dressier than a white shirt but still very classic. The Furla candy bag adds a juicy pop of color and whimsy to the outfit making it just a tad more fun. I would balance these bright colors with a gorgeous nude strappy sandal. The Jimmy Choo lance in a nude patent perfectly enhances feet. Honestly, they are the most perfect strappy sandal. This outfit just makes me crave sunshine and lollipops...aaaaand a towncar with a driver!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Eazy Rider

Kehinde Wiley Officer of the Hussars, oil on canvas 2008 9x9 ft.
The Art-A trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts this weekend inspired this post. Kehinde Wiley is an extremely successful artist known for his depictions of ordinary people, hip hop artists and otherwise unlikely figures in more traditional and famous stances by old masters such as Ingres, Van Dyck, and in the case of this picture GĂ©ricault. His portrayal of black males in positions of power and heroism, a direct contrast to their representation in contemporary culture.

Burberry Quilted Cropped Nylon Jacket (695.00)
The Duds- In reference to Wiley's mix of traditional and contemporary representations this look mixes old and new. Old brands: Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent with an urban update.The equestrian theme with a modern update is what this outfit is all about. This look is completely utilitarian yet incredibly stylish. The hi-tops give you all the downtown street cred you could want without being obnoxious. Plus, everyone loves a cool chick in hi-tops. 

Yves Saint Laurent Malibu hitops

AG Adriano Goldschmied slim khaki skinny pants (44.00) on sale

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Leather and Lace

Georgia O'Keeffe Cow's Skull with Calico Roses
The Art: Georgia O'Keeffe was an iconic 20th Century American artist. Her subject matter was largely associated with feminist ideas and sensual forms and had an organic and natural quality. This painting was largely inpired by her being immersed in the American southwest landscape. While her paintings were not steeped in allegory, they were definitely complex in substance and go far beyond what we see on the surface. The monochromatic color palette is a perfect example of this, simple and austere, yet strikingly beautiful and intricate.

The Duds: simple yet stiking and muted. Effortlessly feminine in the J. Crew Lunciana lace dress. The neckline mimics the calico roses in O'Keeffe's painting. The Hermes BeHapi double tour bracelet provides a sharp contrast to the girlie lace much like the skull in the painting. The Diave von Furstenberg kurion gladiator leather sandals provide the organic undertone the painting evokes. Perfect for the first warm day in spring or a saturday trip to the museum. 
Lace Luciana dress
J.Crew Luciana Lace Dress ($1295.00)

Hermes BeHapi Double Tour Bracelet ($300.00)

Diane von Furstenberg Kurion Gladiator Sandals ($270.00)