Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Jacob Lawrence, Clown 1963

The Art- Jacob Lawrence is one of the most iconographic black painters of the 20th century, if not all time. His paintings were among the first of any black artist to be featured in a commercial gallery in New York City. In this painting called Clown, tempera on a Masonite panel, a vaudeville character reminiscent of the figures he would see at the theatres in Harlem, where Lawrence grew up, like the Apollo.  Done in his signature style of deep rich colors with flat yet expressive figures the painting evokes a whimsical, childlike quality. I love the floral detail and the deep expression on the face of the clown.

The Duds- What sticks out to me in this painting is the detail of the flowers. The generous mix of colors and texture really encourages multiple patterns. As I mentioned in previous posts I'm not one to follow trends rather I like to tailor trends to my own personal style. This is my take on mixing patterns. The whimsical vibe of this painting really lends itself well to the cheeky little eyelet shorts. I love the black color because it keeps them from looking too Shirley Temple-esque, especially since I paired them with a gorgeous lightweight floral sleeveless shirt. Strap on a pair of wedges and you're off. The floral and the eyelet in this outfit just make me want to talk with a southern drawl "Maggie the cat is alive, I'm alive!" 
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