Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birther Day to you...

Jasper Johns Flag 1954-55 © Jasper Johns

The Art-Today was an interesting day I woke up to the my usual yoga and a cup of green tea and watched the news to find out that President Barack Obama had produced his birth certificate to end the nonsensical "birther" banter we've all been subjected to the last few months. However, it was really discouraging to hear some of the more radical pundits still discredit our President of the United States of America. It immediately reminded me of this painting. Jasper Johns was quite interested in altered symbols and this painting is no different, everyone in the world is familiar with the American flag, yet the material he uses(caustic, collage, and oil on fabric mounted on plywood) forces you to examine further just what this object is. This in some way related to me to this birther issue. MoMa further explains this saying "its execution complicates the representation and invites close inspection." I think this is similar to how some of the more radical pundits view the President. The reality of who he is as a person and as an "American" does not fit the idea of what an American is in their eyes inciting them to further explore and inspect who he is. When does it end?

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