Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Red Hot American Summer

Anselm Reyle, Untitled
Anselm Reyle is an intriguing artist to follow. His works are, in my humble opinion, extremely visually appealing with their bright colors and glistening ephemeral quality. However, his reference and focus on art historical value makes it blatantly evident that this penchant for high gloss, larger than life color and texture is a clear ironic reference. Nevertheless it serves its purpose in being shiny and getting my attention. In this group of  works Reyle used foil covered canvas surrounded by 1 foot deep boxes of plexiglass. Its an interesting dichotomy to make an in your face tactile kinestetic work and cover it with a plexiglass box. I think it gives the viewer an opportunity to reflect on consumption. Doesn't the fact that its surrounded by the box make you that much more excited to see it without the box? Just like the items below for some of us the more unattainable something is the more desirable it is. Not an unusual theme in art but definitely an important one.

Clothes- The clothes are a literal interpretation of the work. Colorful, bright, shiny, bold and tactile. Some of you may recall this dress from the movie Sex and the City 2. Carrie rocks this dress barefoot on the beach in morrocco and it looked stellar. This Halston Heritage dress is seen in many forms throughout the movie, not surprising since SJP not only designs for the brand but has an equity stake in it as well(kudos on that genius product placement miss parker). This dress conjures up images of bianca jagger at Studio 54 dancing and sipping champagne on a shiny dance floor. However,paired with the clog platforms and some tribal inspired bangles it takes on a little bit less of a glamorous feel
 and a little bit more of a bohemian vibe. An orange silk, accordian pleated floor length dress just oozes jetsetter. *Helpful Tip:If you fly coach while wearing this dress you will burst into flames.  

Halston Heritage Iconic Pleated Long Dress $299.99

Zigi NY Kat Clog $49.95

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