Monday, June 13, 2011

Gondola, Gondola?

Raphaella Spence, Il Canale di San Marco, 2010 oil on canvas 21.5 x 47.25
The Art- This photorealist painting by artist Raphaella Spence is impressive. I have a strange obsession with Italy, I fully intend on traveling the world yet somehow I always end up going back to Italy whenever I have free time (or money!). There's something especially captivating about the city of Venice. The aqua green water, the multi-colored buildings, the narrow stone streets, the old world architecture. The city of Venice successfully transports you to the 13th century, its like walking into a text book or a historical novel...if you like to fantasize go to Venice its impossible to grasp the reality of how beautiful that city is. Ahem, back to the art, this photorealist selection may seem strange juxtaposed with the more abstract paintings in this blog but I decided to change it up a bit. This painting is on exhibit at Louis K. Meisel Gallery in NYC. Meisel, the man who coined the phrase "photorealism" meaning it cannot exist without the photograph, and is then systematically transferred to the canvas requiring great technical skill and attention to detail. While scenic and portrait artists are typically seen as substandard I enjoy this painting because of the memories I have of Venice. The realistic quality of the painting and the colors are so spot on it efficiently transports me back to the narrow streets of Venice at Tre Piedi eating the largest calamari I've EVER had. If a  painting can take me back to that glorious moment...then nothing about that painting or that artist is substandard. 

Gli Vestiti- Recently on a trip to my local grocer I noticed a few magazines seemed to have Portofino,Italy as a point of reference for inspiration for a lot of their summer looks. Portofino, which is a riviera like town, is depicted in these spreads with a retro 50's glam spin. I like to do the glamorous thing from time to time but when I am on vacation 9 out of 10 times...its about ease, relaxing, enjoying the sights, and having great food not stressing about what to wear. For me warm weather (and cold weather for that matter) calls for Crisp white and stark contrasts. I love white with black or really bright colors  or for a more sophisticated look white with blush, camel, or gray has a totally modern ease to it. On vacation everything should look easy especially if youre taking an Italian vacation. The most chic people in Italy have this ability to make everything look totally effortless...and make the most casual outfit seem like its always appropriate. This outfit is my interpretation of that aesthetic add some gold bangles as a finishing touch. A passport,a pair of sunglasses, a great tan and a good attitude is all you really need on vacation, this outfit below goes fabulously with all three of those, Buon Viaggio!    

Theory Lynie Shorts

Vince Silk V-neck blouse

Tod's Heaven Leopard Loafer

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